IBS Configuration for Pay at POS

This document describes how Pepper and IBS must be configured in order that the app Pay-at-POS service can work as expected.

Pepper Settings

Step A.

1. Create all the locations in the Pepper Console so that you have all the Pepper IDs required for IBS under Location > POS settings > Settings for POS

  • Application ID 
  • API Token
  • Location ID 
  • Register ID

2. Send an email to IBS support with the following instructions: 

2.1. Copy and paste all the below values for all the locations in IBS under

  • Under Interface > Pepper > Application ID / API Token / API URL / Location ID 
  • Under Terminal Configuration >  Flags 3 > Pepper Register ID > Register ID

2.2. Create buttons on the IBS tills

  • Create a 'Link Checked In Customer' on the payment screen and on the main screen
  • Create a button 'Pepper App payment' on the Payment Screen to enable payment with the App
  • Create a button 'Show Loyalty Rewards' on the payment screen that will display all the perks available for a checked-in customer 

Step B.

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