IBS Configuration for Pre-Order

This document describes how Pepper and IBS must be configured in order that the app Pre-Order service can work as expected.

IBS Settings

Step 1.

You need to email IBS Support (eg. Damian) and they will need to do the following configuration:

1. Enable WebOrder Web Service under Programming > Global Flags 

2. Create a View WebOrders button on the IBS tills

Step 2.

Once you have the confirmation from IBS that Step 1 is done, you will need to ask them to send us the following settings that will be added in the Pepper Console under > Content Management > Mobile App > IBS

1. Web Order Hostname

2. App GUID

3. Company Code and Location code(s)

4. API username and password

Once all of the above settings are submitted to the Pepper Console, the platform manifest needs to be synched.

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