Pepper Kala Jeera - Release 3.35


"A spice that is made from seeds of the black cumin plant. A member of the parsley family of plants, black cumin is native to parts of Asia, India and Pakistan where the seeds are harvested. Narrow, tiny and curved in shape, Kala Jeera has a strong earthy aroma that becomes nutty flavoured when cooked."

Release Date 8 May 2017
Release Version 3.35
Release Name Kala Jira
Status LIVE

This document is a curated set of release notes, highlighting the work completed in each release.

For more information on the full capabilities of the Pepper products, please see the Product Overview.

Important highlights from this release.

Voucher codes for Perks and Audiences.

Audience Triggers.

Pre-Order Enhancements.

New menu options and design.

Attribute Filtering during Pre-Order.

Pre-Order complementary item suggestion.

Pre-Order Logic change to prevent duplicate orders.


Global Push Notifications.

Important highlights from this release

Voucher codes for Perks and Audiences

Pepper Merchants can now use Voucher Codes to engage users. Users redeeming vouchers can be granted a Perk, or added to an Audience.

Voucher codes can be created in the Pepper Web Console and redeemed by users of the Pepper Powered App.  

Voucher configuration is available in Marketing Tools>Vouchers:

Vouchers can be configured with the following values:

Code: The Voucher Code that a user needs to enter to redeem the Voucher

Redemptions Per User: How many times a single user can redeem this Voucher

Total Redemptions: How many times in total this Voucher can be redeemed e.g. when the perk associated with a Voucher is a free item which has limited stock.

Start and End Date: When is this Voucher valid for redemption (note; this is distinct from the dates which may be applied to the relevance of a Perk or Audience membership which is awarded by the voucher. E.g. a Voucher which is only valid for redemption this week may grant Audience membership which lasts for the entire year)

Effect: The voucher may be configured to Join a User to an Audience or Grant a Perk to a User. It is possible to use both, e.g. Grant a 'Free Cake' perk to a User, and join them to the Audience 'Users who like free cake', or to use the Effects individually. When Joining a User to an Audience which is Used as a Cause for a Perk, e.g. an Audience which is used for a Club Membership Perk or Corporate Discount, there is no need to directly Grant the Perk to the User as well.

Users redeeming a Voucher in a Pepper Powered App can enter the Voucher Code, which generates a Voucher Redeemed Action. This Action can be exported from the Pepper Web Console to generate campaign success reports.

Audience Triggers

Early this year, we added the ability to configure the rules for Audience Membership in the Web Console when creating or editing an Audience.

This has now been extended with additional Action Types, so that it's now possible to base Audience Memberships on Checkin and Topup behaviour. Additional options have also been added to the Purchase Action Type to allow Audience Membership Rules to assess Location and Day Part of the Purchase.

Pre-Order Enhancements

New menu options and design

Pre-Order menus have been enhanced with additional product information to increase conversion.  The new menu API includes additional information such as images, item descriptions and complimentary products etc.

The Pepper Reference App can dynamically handle menus with differing levels of menu decoration and information available, so that the change is not only backward compatible, but supports menus at any level of complexity. Some of the additional options are:

  • Short descriptions on the menu listing
  • Product image on the product detail page
  • Nutritional information and a long description on the product detail page

A few notes about configuration of the new menu data:

      Menu configuration is a manual task to be performed by the Pepper team. Options are currently not available through the Pepper Web Console, although we anticipate this being added soon.

      The Revel and IBS integrations don’t support the additional information being added to menus sync’d with the POS. This is on the roadmap and will be added soon.

Attribute Filtering during Pre-Order

With the introduction of Nutritional and Dietary information available in the new menu options, we have also added filtering to the Pre-Order menus. Users can choose to filter by any of the Dietary notes, which can be configured for each product. This allows the filters to be used for both Allergens and for Dietary Preference purposes.

Pre-Order complementary item suggestion

Pre-Order menus now support Complementary Items. These allow merchants to specify products which go well with either specific products, or categories of products. A recommendation will be made to Users of the Pepper Powered App based on items that they have in their basket.

Pre-Order Logic change to prevent duplicate orders

When a user places an order there were previously two scenarios (failed internet connection & very slow response from POS) which could result in them seeing the following error message:  "Oops! We couldn't check whether your order was successful. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and check your account activity." Users were either not reading, or not understanding this description, which was resulting in the following user behaviour:

  1. Some users assumed that their order had failed, and gave up. Locations were reporting a noticeable number of orders they receive where customers don't arrive to pick them up. Some customers have also complained that they have been charged when the app told them their order failed. 
  2. Some users would repeat the process, making a second order and then when they arrive at the location and realise what has happened, complain because they have been charged twice.

As of this change, the Pepper Powered App will now set the Pre-Order Anchor Button to a 'Pending' state when an order is submitted, then update it to 'Order will be ready in...' when we get a success response back from the connected POS. 

  • If the order fails, a PN will be sent to the user and the Anchor button should be set back to default.
  • If the order fails whilst the app is open, an alert should be shown to the user that the order has failed.


The Pepper Powered App now supports the ability to collect Tips during the Pre-Order and Pay-At-POS Journeys.

When the feature is enabled in Content Management>Mobile App>Tipping, four default amounts may be selected for the tip values in the app, either as a set value, or as a percentage of the basket total. (It is recommended that one of the values is retained for a 'Zero' tip value for users who don't wish to tip.

When placing a Pre-Order for a Merchant who have Tipping enabled, A User of a Pepper Powered App can now choose a default Tip amount in their Account Details, and during the Pre-Order Process. When changing the Tip amount during the Pre-Order Process, the User will be asked if they want to update their default Tip amount. The Tip will be added to the user's basket.

For Merchants using Pay-At-POS, the Tip amount will be provided with the user information visible to the cashier when linking a checked in user to the basket.

Global Push Notifications

The Pepper Web Console Provides the ability to send Global Push Notifications to all users of the Pepper Powered App who have push notifications enabled. This can be accessed in Marketing>Messages>Create Notification.

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