Ability - Making the app the easiest route

We know that users will take the action we want them to when it's easy to do. Apps which have been most successful are those which solve a problem for a user by making it easy for the user to perform previously difficult tasks.

Users will use an app which solves a problem for them

Pepper take care to provide a User Experience in the app which is frictionless, guiding user behaviour as intuitively as possible in each scenario that the app is designed to address. There are also measures that a merchant needs to take to ensure success: 

  1. Remove all other forms of awarding or redeeming loyalty. 
    Regardless of the huge issues that we know that stamp cards or plastic swipe cards have (lost cards, too many cards, no user insight), there is still a habitually reinforced behaviour for users to retain them. Moving all users of other forms of loyalty to the app will allow greater engagement with them and more useful data for the merchant.As part of the Pepper on-boarding process, a plan should always be in place for how these other schemes will be ended and transitioned into the app.
  2. Implement Pre-Order to increase the ability of users to earn rewards.
    Increasing Ability to earn rewards will increase the success of other marketing triggers.  Without the app, it’s not possible for users to pre-order and allowing this has been a large part of the success of both Pepper Merchants using the app, as well as other high profile examples (e.g. Starbucks). merchants in high volume passing trade locations are seeing as much as 60% of their purchases through the app being made as pre-orders. 
  3. In store WIFI
    The pepper app journey is enhanced greatly when connected to the internet. In stores with poor signal strength from mobile networks, implementing a good, easy to connect to WiFi network will have an impact on adoption, conversion and retention inshore, by making the user journey as effortless as possible. 

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